5 Common Questions & Answers for MSPs

Rob Waggoner

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Below are 5 common questions we hear from MSPs. If any other questions come to mind, feel free to email and we’d be happy to help! Or you can click on the button at the end of the blog and fill out a contact form and we’ll follow up with you.

  1. Can I still make money if I move my customers to the cloud?
    Yes! You can still make money because the customer still has an infrastructure that needs to be managed and maintained. The cloud gives you the ability to focus more on the customer’s end solution and less on the actual hardware and technology. Therefore, you no longer have to deal only with hardware issues or data resilience issues. You can focus on providing more value for your customer. This means you can spend more time understanding your customer’s business and how you can help improve their business model. That said, even if your business model is based around service calls, customers still have workstations and printers that need maintained.

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  2. How will this change my profitability model?
    Traditionally, partners have made their money on a project-based model where they may have a big revenue from a customer every few years. The MSP and cloud-based model move you away from the project-based model and towards a recurring revenue model.

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  3. I have a very limited customer base because of my geographic reach, how will the cloud help me?
    With the ability to leverage cloud-based solutions, partners have been able to manage a larger, more geographically diverse customer base. We find many partners have been able to support customers located all over the globe because they are no longer needing to make service calls at physical locations to support the infrastructure.

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  4. Can I use my same remote management tools in the cloud?
    Yes! They are all just Virtual Machines. Your remote management tools are built to remotely monitor Windows installations and report back to your central dashboard. Just because your workloads are in Azure, doesn't prevent your same tools from working.

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  5. I have the expertise in-house and can build RDS on my own, why do I need MyCloudIT?
    Experienced technicians can take hours or days to build an RDS infrastructure. MyCloudIT has reduced the time to 90 mins with automation. Instead of having your technicians build the same thing over and over again, you can have your technicians spend more time on driving true value to the end customer.

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