5 Reasons Your Customers Need to Deploy in the Azure Cloud


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Whether one or many of your customers are considering moving to the cloud, make sure you evaluate the Microsoft Azure cloud. While Azure continues to expand their services to help organizations meet their needs, they are also capable of offering everything you need in one platform. From building to managing services and applications, they are truly a one-stop shop. They also have a massive network of partners ready to help meet any unique needs your customers have when it comes to their business.

Let’s look at a few reasons your customers need to deploy in the Azure Cloud.

1. Their On-Premise Servers are Out of Date
As with most hardware, it typically has a 3-5 year lifespan and then you’ll need to purchase new hardware. This can be an enormous cost for companies. While your customer may have grown accustom to the large capital outlay every few years, consider how much they aren’t using it to its full capacity. 

Curious to see if your customers are ready to move to the cloud? Click Cloud Readiness Checklist below to download the full checklist. 


Cloud Readiness Checklist


2. They Struggle to Scale
Scaling seems to be an issue companies run into with their legacy applications most of the time. The company is growing, but their applications are holding them back. Without an elastic infrastructure, it can be hard to scale up with growth if the infrastructure isn’t able to do so. On Azure, your customers would be able to quickly scale to the needs of their users. Click here to learn about the auto-scaling feature included on MyCloudIT.

3. They Suffer from Lengthy Deployment Times
The longer it takes your customer to deploy an application, the more business they could be losing. Right now, if it takes days or weeks to deploy, that could make a huge difference to their bottom line. With Azure, they would be able to deploy easily and quickly from anywhere, plus have complete control over what apps are installed on what devices. Click here to learn about the automated deployment process on MyCloudIT.

4. They Already Use Office 365
Having customers who already use Office 365 means this should be an easy transition. The biggest thing will be educating them on what they are missing out on. Microsoft Azure is a fully compliant, secure, and affordable software solution, offering far more than online access as many may think. Make sure your customers aren’t missing out.

5. They have Centralized Apps, but Flexible Device Practices
With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) on the rise, Azure is a key component when it comes to device management. Azure makes it easy for anyone with a device and an internet connection to access the applications they need, when they need them. Click here to learn about how MyCloudIT’s BYOD policy works and the benefits of it.

Is Your Customer Still Not Sure About Azure? While some customers will be more hesitant than others to move to the cloud and more specifically Azure, we put together a list of some of the common myths people hear. Click here to read the 6 common myths about Microsoft Azure.

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