7 Common Cloud Questions & Answers for ISVs

Rob Waggoner

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Below are 7 common questions we hear from ISVs. If any other questions come to mind, feel free to email and we’d be happy to help! Or you can click on the button at the end of the blog and fill out a contact form and we’ll follow up with you.

  1. Is the cloud really a possible solution for me?
    We believe the cloud can be a solution in almost every case, especially if you are trying to migrate a legacy application.

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  2. Can I deliver a full desktop solution to my customer or an app on their existing desktop?
    While both options are possible, they each have their pros and cons. A full desktop provides the entire environment for the user, while a RemoteApp lets them login to the app and only see the app. See the below images for examples of both. On the RemoteApp screenshot, you’ll notice the small icon on the Adobe Acrobat icon on the toolbar. That lets them know they are using a RemoteApp.

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    Full Desktop
    Full Desktop



  1. Can I control my costs based on variable user demand?
    Yes, you can control costs. Unlike hardware, the cloud allows you to scale your infrastructure when needed. You also only pay for what you use. That said, if you aren’t careful, you can end up driving up costs without knowing it so being proactive allows you to control your costs with no surprises.

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  2. Can I connect it to my existing on-premises infrastructure?
    Yes, you can even use Azure for additional capacity for your existing infrastructure. In the short-term, you can keep your infrastructure on-premises and slowly migrate. You are able to be in both places at the same time.

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  3. What if my app needs more CPU, memory, or even graphics capability than standard workstations typically have?
    That is one of the best things about the cloud, it can give you more horsepower regardless of the end user device. Unlike having to maintain hardware, if you need more of something you can easily make those adjustments in the cloud and not have to pay for additional hardware.

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  4. Is there anything I can do to eliminate the complexity of Azure and give me more time to build a solution, not the infrastructure?
    MyCloudIT lets you build a Windows infrastructure in Microsoft Azure without having to be a Microsoft Azure expert. The platform will ask 10-15 questions about how you want your infrastructure to look and the automation takes the next 90 mins to build it. MyCloudIT can provide the full deployment and management infrastructure, so you spend more time enhancing your product and not trying to learn all of the new complexities that Azure brings to the table.

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  5. Can I publish multiple versions of my platform at the same time or ensure all users are on the same version?
    Yes! And the MyCloudIT platform makes it even easier to publish multiple versions of the app to allow your end customers to be able to migrate at their convenience or you have the ability to keep all of your customers on the same version, by upgrading one infrastructure.

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