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Microsoft has released v3 of the D series VMs in a limited number of Azure Regions, but it is expanding

August 24, 2017 /

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Last month, Microsoft announced general availability of the Dv3 and Ev3 Virtual Machines, here. These new sizes provide increased performance at a lower cost. Yes, the Dv3 sizes will be up to 28% lower in cost than the Dv2 versions, and the Dv3 VMs will be based on the Intel® Broadwell E5-2673 v4 2.3GHz and the Intel® Haswell 2.4 GHz E5-2673 v3 processors.

Achieving Trust and Compliance in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

August 2, 2017 /

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In a data-driven world, data breaches happen, and managing industry compliance and data security is a complex task for an organization to navigate on its own. Compliance is even more of a challenge for regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, or financial services – where extensive, constantly evolving regulations make it difficult to stay up-to-date.

5 Must-Know Facts About Microsoft Azure

June 22, 2017 /

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Microsoft Azure is gaining ground on AWS, the biggest public cloud provider in the world. Like many others, you are considering the public cloud because it offers so many no-brainer benefits – cost savings, predictability, and scalability. But where to start and which provider to choose – there are still questions to ask after making the choice to embrace the public cloud.

Adopt Automation for Greater Profitability

June 15, 2017 /

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When was the last time your technician complained about spending hours on backup?

Mundane, repetitive tasks prevent MSPs from scaling and expanding their business. Automating processes can boost productivity and free up time for the team to focus on revenue-generating activities and drive more profitability. From deployment, management, monitoring to updating, billing, and helpdesk – opportunities for MSP automation are abundant, especially in the cloud with several SaaS and PaaS offerings.

What cloud vendors should you use and how to choose the right ones?

May 30, 2017 /

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You understand the cost and performance benefits of the public cloud and are ready to embrace it. Your next question is how to get your MSP business up to speed with the best cloud offerings. Should you only rely on big cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure or AWS, or should you reach out to other vendors to resell their services?

#MCITMondays: Monitor Your RDS in Azure in Real Time

March 13, 2017 /

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Monitoring is an important part of maintaining the reliability, availability, and performance of your deployments. MyCloudIT Monitoring, with 30 Remote Desktop Services (RDS) performance counters, provides comprehensive performance metrics to monitor your servers and virtual machines, and helps you keep end-users productive and free of service disruptions at all times.

#MCITMondays: Schedule Backups for Your RDS Deployments

March 6, 2017 /

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Happy Monday! To continue our #MCITMondays discussion, today we'll talk about Backups - How we can protect your customers and their data. Watch this video to see step by step instructions on how you can schedule backups and create retention policies for data volumes within a deployment.

#MCITMondays: Manage RemoteApp Collections & Smart Scheduler

February 20, 2017 /

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Hello again! This week, we'll explore our two favorite features of an RDS deployment: RemoteApp Collections and Smart Scheduler. Watch this video to see how you can optimize the cost savings and productivity for your customers with different application collections and automatic schedules.

#MCITMondays: Manage RDS Details, Users/Groups & Desktop Collections

February 13, 2017 /

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Happy Monday! Last week, we've learned how to create an RDS deployment in less than 5 minutes. This week, we'll come back to that deployment and explore its management capabilities. This video will show you how to access your RDS session, manage virtual machines, users/groups and customize your first Desktop collection.

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