Digital Transformation in the Cloud


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Are you at a digital transformation crossroads?

Legacy applications and businesses were built for a static, slow-moving, client-server world –
that is not the world we live in today. Adoption of the cloud is accelerating, as are the mobility
demands of our global workforce.

A digital, on-the-go world requires anywhere, any device access – is your application built for the modern, mobile, and global workforce? It should be.

Industry Trends
• Customer need for mobility and ease of access to important data
• Customer expansion beyond geographic borders
• Increasing intellectual property in offering
• Using niche 3rd party providers to focus on core competencies
• Using more reseller partners to achieve scale

Cloud Benefits
• Faster time to market
• Low to no capital expenditure needed
• Improved availability for customers
• Grow reach and customer base
• Subscription-based business model
• Better user experience
• Customers not limited by device

Options to Move to the Cloud
Re-write your legacy app as a web-based app
Deliver your legacy app from the cloud


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