#AzureTips: Don’t Waste Your Monthly MSDN/MPN Azure Credits


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Cloud technology is a new frontier for most Microsoft partners, so investing time to spin up a test deployment is essential for understanding the benefits for your business and for the customers. Azure consumption costs money, so a lot of partners are reluctant to deploy test resources. Well, what if it can be free?

Microsoft Partners Can Receive Up to $100 Monthly Free Credits in Azure

Microsoft partners can receive monthly credits of $100 in Azure to spend on test/dev/demo deployments. When you pair with MyCloudIT credits (see more below), you can have a fully-functioning RDS deployment in Azure 100% free. The only requirement for the Microsoft credits is you must be in the Microsoft Partner Network Cloud Essentials program and utilize a Microsoft Account associated with that program. You must maintain an active membership to enjoy the Azure benefit for Microsoft Partner Network Cloud Essentials. This offer is limited to one per subscriber.

Please note that any unused monthly credits cannot be carried over to subsequent months and cannot be transferred to other Azure subscriptions. If you exceed your monthly credits, your service will be disabled for that month. You can also choose to turn off your Spending Limit, and any monthly usage over the monthly credits will be charged at the Pay-As-You-Go rates.

Here’s What You Can Do With $100 Free Azure Credits

You can use the monthly free credits on any Azure service based on your needs, including Virtual Machines, Web Sites, Cloud Service, Mobile Services, Storage, SQL Database, Content Delivery Network, HDInsight, Media Services, and many more (support plans are not included).

Create one of the following deployments in MyCloudIT and set schedules to consume no more than $100 per month:

  • Run a Basic deployment with up to 10 users for 70 hours per week
  • Run a Standard deployment with up to 15 users for 40 hours per week
  • Other examples may vary

Create a MyCloudIT deployment to better understand how our Remote Desktop and Remote Application Delivery platform works to reduce time-to-market when an RDS opportunity arises. You can keep the MyCloudIT deployment running in following month(s) to demo remote desktops and applications for your customers without worrying about Azure consumption costs. Our built-in Cost Estimator allows you to predict the monthly cost of the deployment and automatically schedule the POC deployment to stay within the credit limits.

Explore our Azure & RDS Hosting Solutions with Free Credits

Our partners have learned more about remote desktop services and Azure resource deployment via the MyCloudIT platform than they do sitting in Azure trainings.

Start with $100 credit in the MyCloudIT’s POC deployment. You can choose among our automated templates for desktops, applications, VMs, and test out our desktop, app, and user collection for maximum productivity and efficiency. Use our Resource Schedulers (plus these Azure cost-saving tips) to save 30% or more in Azure consumption costs.

In addition to technical perks, our POC deployment is also about building a sales and marketing strategy to introduce cloud-hosted solutions to your customers. You can download free, white-labeled marketing materials at no cost from the platform or contact us for a sales consultation on how to on-board your first customer in the Azure cloud.

We’re confident in our deep understanding of RDS in Azure, so let’s run with this opportunity to learn more about Azure, RDS, and how to scale your cloud business. If you have special needs for your RDS deployment or the POC deployment, contact us at to get started today.

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