How RDS Worked and Why It Can for You Too


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Remote Desktop Services (RDS) has been a game changer when it comes to helping companies solve their technology roadblocks. “RDS allows you to take control of a remote computer or virtual machine over a network connection. With the Cloud and the Internet, that remote computer or virtual machine can be just about anywhere on the planet!” Click here to read more about RDS.  

Our Customer
US Medical IT is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who works exclusively with healthcare providers in the U.S. The company provides medical offices with efficient IT cloud infrastructure, assists with HIPAA and HITECH compliance, telemedicine, integration with Office 365, productivity, and direct support.

Evexias is a healthcare provider with offices in Southlake and Rockwall, just outside of Dallas, Texas. The company offers a range of medical treatments, including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), aesthetic and cosmetic services, platelet rich plasma (PRP) reconstruction therapy, fillers and body sculpting.

Evexias came to US Medical IT looking for a solution to streamline their operation and put their patient data in one, safe and accessible place.

4 Problems RDS Solved

#1 Mobile Workforce
As the mobile workforce continues to become a challenge for companies, they are starting to look for solutions that will allow their employees to not only work from anywhere, but be able to access the data they need to do their job. By using RDS, Evexias was able to access its EMR software without having to spend money on hardware or devices. RDS also allowed the team to access records from anywhere and not just specific computers.

One of the greatest benefits of RDS is allowing users to be able to access information from any device, anywhere, and at any time. This allows companies to empower a mobile workforce without major changes to their current hardware.

#2 Flexibility
Another problem RDS solves is the flexibility of the workforce. By allowing users to be more flexible in how and when they access information, the company can help increase productivity. By using RDS, the Evexias team could access their needed programs on Macs or PCs, regardless of what the program was designed to run on. The flexibility allowed the team to run PC programs on a Mac without any issues. 

Not only does it allow for flexibility for the users, but it makes it easier for IT to set up new users. The process can be done much faster and they don’t have to worry about ensuring each computer has each application since the remote desktop has all of the needed applications.

#3 Cost Optimization
Reducing costs is always a goal for any organization. RDS is able to help companies save on hardware cost because they are no longer responsible for the physical servers needed to run the software. By moving to the cloud, companies are able to use servers in the public cloud, in this case Microsoft’s cloud, to be able to run their programs. Evexias was able to save $40,000 on capital expenses because they did not have to purchase any hardware.

The other great benefit is being able to move the cost from a capital expense to an operating expense. Not only does RDS save a company money, but it also moves the cost to an operating expense. As a result, the company is able to benefit from a more predictable cost each month instead of having to spend thousands of dollars every couple of years.

#4 Data Control
While critical in any organization, data control is especially critical in healthcare due to HIPAA requirements. A valuable benefit of RDS is being able to have the data accessible, but not actually on the device. By securing the data on the remote desktop or remote app, a user could be prevented from extracting or exposing sensitive data. Evexias was looking for a solution that would streamline their process and keep their data in one place, while still being safe and accessible. RDS was able to provide this safe and secure solution.

A great benefit of not only using RDS, but the MyCloudIT platform is being able to manage and monitor all of the remote desktops and apps from one location. While the Microsoft cloud provides the environment, the MyCloudIT platform can provide the ability to automate the delivery and management of the remote desktop services.

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