How to Create a Bundled Cloud Offering


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Even if you have your core business established, finding ways to create packaged offerings can help you increase profitability. It can be as simple as reselling Office 365 to Help Desk Support.

In addition, make sure if you are providing additional services such as on-boarding for new customers, you either factor that into a new customer cost or add on an additional cost so you aren't providing everything extra services for free. It is easy to get caught up with a new customer and complete work for no addition charge. We recommend also including the scope of work or list out what is included with each package so you can let your customers and potential customers know what to expect and it also helps keep you from going too far outside of the scope and not getting compensated for the work your company does for a customer. 

Here is an example list of services you can upsell in a profitable Cloud Desktop & Application Packaged Offer. Depending on what additional services you want to offer, you can include any type of additional service that makes sense for your business. Just make sure you understand what services you are providing and what it means for your business so you don't get caught up offering everything when you only have the capacity to offer part of the services. If you do plan to add on several services for thing you don't currently do or offer, make sure you have the manpower and time to accommodate that so you don't lose the level of customer service. This can differentiate your business from many others. 


  • Microsoft Azure Subscriptions
  • Remote Desktop Access Licenses
  • Office 365


  • Cloud & Migration Planning
  • Proof of Concept
  • Disaster Recovery Deployment


  • User Access & Account Management
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Office 365 Synchronization


  • Pre-Configured Dashboards
  • Automated Consumption Monitoring & Reporting
  • Legacy or LOB Application Management

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To see the full list, download our infographic to see all the services you can upsell. 
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