Moving to the Cloud is about More than Saving Money


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As most people know, moving to the cloud can save your company money, but have you heard about the other benefits? Let’s take a look at some additional benefits your company will experience by moving to the cloud.

1. Speed
Other than money, speed is by far one of the best benefits of moving to the cloud. Not necessarily the speed of the application, but the speed between making a decision and being able to implement it. In most cases, it can take days or weeks to procure hardware and/or software and then get it configured and integrated. The cloud is just the opposite. Once you make a decision, you can quickly implement the new plan without having to worry about hardware and everything that comes with it.

2. Resource Management
You are no longer at the mercy of the hardware you purchased. If you need to make any adjustments, you can easily scale up and down. Using a public cloud provider means you are paying for what you use, when you use it. If you need additional compute power for 2 hours a day and minimal compute power overnight, you can scale up and down to meet those needs and everything in between. Why pay for max capacity for the other 22 hours when you don’t need it? The transparent cost makes it easy for companies to move their capital expenses to operational expenses and save thousands, if not more, each year.

3. Flexibility
In addition to resource management, flexibility can also be seen in a company’s ability to scale up and down. Not only that, but a company can also better manage their infrastructure from one platform. For example, platforms like MyCloudIT allow a company to manage all their applications and remote desktops from one dashboard. This flexibility means your IT department is spending less time on mundane tasks and more time adding value to your company. 

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