MyCloudIT Launched Free Migration Services for Existing ARA Customers

Brian Garoutte

With the looming retirement of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp (ARA) in August 2017, MyCloudIT provides a simple alternative solution and free migration services for any existing Azure customer. You can test and deploy a new solution in a few hours with just a few steps.

RDS on Azure IaaS: A better, more capable alternative

MyCloudIT utilized Remote Desktop Services (RDS) deployed on Azure IaaS to ensure customers enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft Azure while maximizing your control over management and cost optimization.

MyCloudIT does not only offers the Remote App capabilities you are accustomed to, but we also offer full Desktop-as-a-Service capabilities for the same cost per month without any minimum user requirements.

A quick, easy migration process

MyCloudIT automates the migration of your Azure RemoteApp template from the Azure Classic portal of your subscription to the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) portal of your subscription with our automated migration tool.


The migration tool scans your current ARA collections to start the migration process.

You will be guided step-by-step through the migration process:

  • Scan: The migration tool scans your current subscription(s) for all existing ARA deployments.
  • Collection: You’ll select one ARA collection to migrate at a time. If you have multiple collections, run our tool multiple times.
  • RDS: Select a new RDS template to replace your current ARA deployment.
  • Provision: Provide details to provision your new RDS deployment.
  • Billing: Provide billing information to manage subscription and payment.
  • Confirm: Confirm the details and start the migration process.

The migration tool is built to initiate the migration process and test in parallel while your current ARA users continue to use ARA. Your users will remain in ARA until your migration and testing are complete.

It was the easiest migration we’ve ever done,” said Chandler Julian, COO of ERISA Partners. “We migrated five legacy applications with customer data over three business days. So far it’s been a great user experience, more admin capabilities, and similar cost to Azure RemoteApp.”

Check out our FAQ for more details about the migration process >>

Free migration services at and following Microsoft Inspire

This July, we plan to have an extensive presence at Microsoft Inspire to speak to any customer ready to discuss making the switch off Azure RemoteApp.

We want to ease the pain of customers dealing with a retiring platform, starting with a free, seamless migration facilitated through our newly built automated migration tool. And with our existing management platform, we believe MyCloudIT provides the best alternative for existing Azure RemoteApp customers to successfully manage and grow their user base.

Contact us today to migrate off Azure RemoteApp with our new automated migration tool!

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