Adopt Automation for Greater Profitability

June 15, 2017 /

in Especially for MSPs /

When was the last time your technician complained about spending hours on backup?

Mundane, repetitive tasks prevent MSPs from scaling and expanding their business. Automating processes can boost productivity and free up time for the team to focus on revenue-generating activities and drive more profitability. From deployment, management, monitoring to updating, billing, and helpdesk – opportunities for MSP automation are abundant, especially in the cloud with several SaaS and PaaS offerings.

An MSP Guide to Track New Monthly Recurring Revenue in the Cloud

June 12, 2017 /

in Especially for MSPs /

With the traditional project-based business, Managed Service Providers (MSP) have to “reinvent” their business month to month. Go out and sell projects, collect the check, and then start all over again.

In the cloud, transactional billing is replaced by the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) business model – in which new sales build upon each other as you wrap software and services in a neat, predictable monthly subscription for customers.

Differentiate Your MSP Business From a Crowded Market

June 7, 2017 /

in Especially for MSPs /

The managed IT services market is crowded - it can be difficult to set your company apart from the competition and showcase what makes you unique.

In this blog, we will identify five strategies to increase your visibility and differentiate your business in a crowded market.

What cloud vendors should you use and how to choose the right ones?

May 30, 2017 /

in Especially for MSPs, Cloud Workspaces /

You understand the cost and performance benefits of the public cloud and are ready to embrace it. Your next question is how to get your MSP business up to speed with the best cloud offerings. Should you only rely on big cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure or AWS, or should you reach out to other vendors to resell their services?

Key technology and resource requirements to move to the cloud

May 24, 2017 /

in Especially for MSPs, Cloud Workspaces /

Cloud computing promises new opportunities for Managed Service Providers (MSP), but what are the key technology and resource requirements for moving to the cloud?

Good News for MSPs: Your Job is Better in the Cloud

May 18, 2017 /

in Especially for MSPs, Cloud Workspaces /

Cloud technology can be a scary topic, not only for the end-users but also for managed service providers (MSP) who have spent years working in the data center. As the cloud removes the needs to host IT infrastructure locally, many might wonder what they would do on a day-to-day basis if not patching, updating and managing on-premises servers.

Don’t Let These Misconceptions Stop You from Moving to the Cloud

May 16, 2017 /

in Especially for MSPs, Cloud Workspaces /

The cloud is . . . well, an actual cloud.

Unfortunately, no less than 29 percent of respondents in a survey conducted by Wakefield Research thought so.

The idea of cloud computing might still seem daunting, and in many cases, confusing for many businesses. As a company 100% born in the cloud, we will help you debunk many misconceptions so you can use the cloud to your advantage.

How Small Businesses Think About the Cloud?

May 11, 2017 /

in Cloud Workspaces /

As a managed service provider, you know the cloud would be the best IT solution for you and your customers (if not yet, check out this blog). The transition is quick, the provisioning and management are automated, and the best part is you can add a steady, high-margin stream of monthly recurring revenue from the cloud.

How BYOD is Changing the Workplace

May 8, 2017 /

in Cloud Workspaces /

If there’s one thing that frustrates employees, it’s working with outdated and inefficient equipment, or learning to adapt to unfamiliar equipment. Remember the last time you had to fight the technology instead of working on your projects? To many organizations, this topic is a daily conversation among employees.

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