#MCITMondays: Manage RDS Details, Users/Groups & Desktop Collections

February 13, 2017 /

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Happy Monday! Last week, we've learned how to create an RDS deployment in less than 5 minutes. This week, we'll come back to that deployment and explore its management capabilities. This video will show you how to access your RDS session, manage virtual machines, users/groups and customize your first Desktop collection.

MyCloudIT Introduces Office 365 Integration

February 9, 2017 /

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Good news for MyCloudIT customers!

Previously, it used to take you a long time to add users to your RDS deployment one by one using our Users/Groups collection. If a company has more than 100 users, this process will be repetitive and not scalable. Now with our Office 365 Integration, you just need one click to update all the users in your Office 365 Active Directory to the deployment.

#MCITMondays: Automating the Delivery of RDS in Azure

February 6, 2017 /

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When our company was founded, one of the first decisions made was to outsource payroll to an online service called TriNet. The rationale was simple – TriNet specializes in payroll automation with the expertise to address any exceptions to the routine payroll process. This allowed a bunch of computer nerds to focus on building MyCloudIT, instead of worrying about payroll. Just like in our example DIY is always an option, but expertise and in house resources are often lacking. For such tasks specialized, automated solutions can save time, resources, and offer a better result.

Bringing 19 Years of Microsoft Experience Onboard

January 31, 2017 /

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We are thrilled to welcome Rob Waggoner as the newest member of the MyCloudIT family! Rob joined our staff as a Sr. Cloud Architect, and will be assisting in several areas that are all aimed to help MyCloudIT customers deploy and implement the best RDS solutions via the MyCloudIT platform.

So let’s introduce him…

Premium Storage in RDS Hosting Deployments

January 25, 2017 /

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Our automated provisioning process is now able to leverage Premium Storage, a high-demand feature that offers you high performance storage to store user profile data and session hosts’ OS disks. Premium Storage may be automatically selected based on your deployment size and the number of users, but you still have the freedom to customize this option to meet your needs.

"It's the Easiest Migration Off Azure RemoteApp"

January 12, 2017 /

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ERISA Partners is an expert retirement plan provider located in Nashville, TN. With 25 years of experience in the industry, the company prides itself in helping businesses and employees across the nation gain better retirement outcomes. ERISA Partners is also our first customer migrating legacy, Line-of-business (LOB) applications out of Azure RemoteApp onto Microsoft Azure’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Let's see how MyCloudIT has helped ERISA Partners satisfy both administrators and end-users with a more flexible and powerful solution in the Azure Cloud.

#AzureTips: Don’t Waste Your Monthly MSDN/MPN Azure Credits

January 4, 2017 /

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Cloud technology is a new frontier for most Microsoft partners, so investing time to spin up a test deployment is essential for understanding the benefits for your business and for the customers. Azure consumption costs money, so a lot of partners are reluctant to deploy test resources. Well, what if it can be free?

MyCloudIT: A Look Back at 2016

December 13, 2016 /

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2016 is coming to a close, and the team here at MyCloudIT wanted to recap the past year by taking a look at some of our major achievements and highlights. We’ll be doing a roundup of important events and announcements that defined our year.

November New Release: Golden Image Virtual Machine

December 8, 2016 /

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We’ve been busy working on the new Golden Image Virtual Machine template in November, and now it’s time to show you the result. Let’s look at what it is, why you should you it, and how MyCloudIT enables you to deploy and transfer Golden Image much quicker and simpler with our automation tool.

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