Key technology and resource requirements to move to the cloud

May 24, 2017 /

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Cloud computing promises new opportunities for Managed Service Providers (MSP), but what are the key technology and resource requirements for moving to the cloud?

Good News for MSPs: Your Job is Better in the Cloud

May 18, 2017 /

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Cloud technology can be a scary topic, not only for the end-users but also for managed service providers (MSP) who have spent years working in the data center. As the cloud removes the needs to host IT infrastructure locally, many might wonder what they would do on a day-to-day basis if not patching, updating and managing on-premises servers.

Don’t Let These Misconceptions Stop You from Moving to the Cloud

May 16, 2017 /

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The cloud is . . . well, an actual cloud.

Unfortunately, no less than 29 percent of respondents in a survey conducted by Wakefield Research thought so.

The idea of cloud computing might still seem daunting, and in many cases, confusing for many businesses. As a company 100% born in the cloud, we will help you debunk many misconceptions so you can use the cloud to your advantage.

Creating a Cloud IP Package That Sells Fast

April 20, 2017 /

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According to IDC, an IP packaged offer can generate up to 70% gross margin while reselling services only drives margins in the range of 5-20%. Despite such greater profitability, the idea of coming up with “productized” Intellectual Properties (IP) still sounds daunting to many Managed Service Providers (MSP), especially for those smaller shops.

Leverage the Cloud as a New Utility

April 18, 2017 /

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The cloud is changing the way we deliver IT resources, quite similarly to how electricity enabled the second industrial revolution in the 19th century. As an IT provider, you can leverage the cloud’s power, storage space, and fast network connection to drive much broader implementation of computing workloads and more widespread adoption among businesses and end-users.

Take Advantage of the Dv2 Limited-Time Promotion

April 7, 2017 /

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Microsoft is offering a limited-time discount on its Dv2 series instances in preparation for the launch of Dv3 - its new Hyper-Threading Technology virtual machines (VM) for general purpose workloads.  Starting today, you can provision a Dv2 Promo VM in your current deployment at the lower Dv3 VM prices, allowing you to take advantage of the cost savings from now until the launch of the Dv3 later this year.

#MCITMondays: Automating the Delivery of RDS in Azure

February 6, 2017 /

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When our company was founded, one of the first decisions made was to outsource payroll to an online service called TriNet. The rationale was simple – TriNet specializes in payroll automation with the expertise to address any exceptions to the routine payroll process. This allowed a bunch of computer nerds to focus on building MyCloudIT, instead of worrying about payroll. Just like in our example DIY is always an option, but expertise and in house resources are often lacking. For such tasks specialized, automated solutions can save time, resources, and offer a better result.

#AzureTips: Don’t Waste Your Monthly MSDN/MPN Azure Credits

January 4, 2017 /

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Cloud technology is a new frontier for most Microsoft partners, so investing time to spin up a test deployment is essential for understanding the benefits for your business and for the customers. Azure consumption costs money, so a lot of partners are reluctant to deploy test resources. Well, what if it can be free?

November New Release: Golden Image Virtual Machine

December 8, 2016 /

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We’ve been busy working on the new Golden Image Virtual Machine template in November, and now it’s time to show you the result. Let’s look at what it is, why you should you it, and how MyCloudIT enables you to deploy and transfer Golden Image much quicker and simpler with our automation tool.

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