Updates Coming to RDS [Microsoft Ignite Recap]

Rob Waggoner

Updates Coming to RDS Final Final.jpgMicrosoft made a few recent announcements, which many directly apply to the MyCloudIT platform. We wanted to take the opportunity to share those with you and let you know that we are already working to incorporate these new capabilities into the MyCloudIT platform. Click here to read the recent Microsoft announcement

Now that we're up to date, I would like to let you know where we stand with these new solutions and what it means for the MyCloudIT platform.

  1. Security: Security continues to evolve in our platform as new offerings like these are released. Please know that we are working to integrate these capabilities into our offerings.

  2. Cloud readiness: This one is very exciting to me. This will allow us to move a number of the RDS roles into PaaS services so we can continue to drive down the cost of the DaaS offerings.

  3. Windows apps on ANY device: While cloud readiness will drive down costs, HTML 5 capabilities will drive up the capabilities we can offer. There are several 3rd party providers that offer HTML 5 capabilities now, and we have worked with those providers, but of course their solutions come at an additional cost.

We have a very close relationship with the Microsoft teams responsible for these offerings and we are working diligently to incorporate these capabilities into our platform as soon as we can.

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