Warp 8 Customer Spotlight



Warp 8 provides IT consulting services to small businesses. As a trusted advisor to its clients, Warp 8 delivers reliable IT infrastructure, cloud migrations, and ongoing support to these businesses. They help their customers navigate the ever-changing technology landscape so that clients can focus on growing their business.

  • Deploy, manage, and monitor cloud infrastructure without Azure knowledge
  • Automate mundane management tasks, avoiding manual configuration
  • Intelligent monitoring tools to optimize IT costs and performance


Warp 8 began offering hosted services in the 1990s. With the evolution of affordable hosting services infrastructure (HSI), they started offering a defined IaaS package in 2011 by utilizing private data centers. Observing the accelerating trend of cloud adoption, Warp 8 decided to pivot to a cloud-first company. However, their private cloud hosted IaaS/DaaS solution did not provide them much flexibility. They were in a cycle of signing 3-year agreements with vendors and paying for resource pools regardless of clients using them or not. They needed to further transform their cloud-based business.

With public cloud expansion, it became obvious this solution would provide economic benefits over private data centers. They evaluated Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. Azure was the platform of choice because of the integration of Active Directory with Azure and Office 365, and they felt Microsoft was the most partner friendly. However, they lacked the Azure expertise and technical resources to dive in.

With a desire to extend their cloud service offerings, meet the changing needs of their clients, and grow their business, they began looking for a solution to help them build an offering around Azure.


Warp 8 found MyCloudIT to deploy solutions in Microsoft Azure without having to learn in- depth Azure. “Microsoft Azure is a great platform, but it also is a complicated platform. MyCloudIT has helped us get over the learning curve without having to develop everything ourselves. We would have needed to spend months studying it,” Schick said. “MyCloudIT gives us the resources that we don’t have as a small company.” MyCloudIT automated many of the technical tasks in Azure. According to Schick, “MyCloudIT certainly understood the model for IaaS/DaaS as it relates to the SMB market. Their platform automated many of the tasks for deploying environments for our customers.” In addition to automating much of the work, Warp 8 found the support from MyCloudIT engineers was an added bonus helping Warp 8 accelerate up the learning curve and save a ton of time.


The MyCloudIT platform helped Warp 8 transform into a cloud-first business and remain competitive with an economical public cloud offering. By utilizing Microsoft Azure with MyCloudIT, they have been able to provide services at a reduced cost compared to using a private data center. Tools like MyCloudIT’s auto-scheduler provide the flexibility to turn resources on and off, cutting costs significantly compared with a private data center. As a result, Warp 8 can offer cloud services at a competitive price point with the flexibility of not having a long-term commitment with a data center.

  • Build a cloud services offering on Microsoft Azure with no experience or knowledge required
  • Automate technical tasks and configurations to deploy Azure environments in hours
  • Save on IT infrastructure costs with management and monitoring tools
  • Grow profitable monthly recurring revenue


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