What Working with a Microsoft Gold Partner Means for You


business partners, partnership concept with two businessman handshake

A Microsoft Gold Partner is a company that has agreed to and displayed a desire to collaborate and establish a relationship with Microsoft. The Microsoft Gold Partner status is the highest standard of Microsoft’s partnership program. While you can become one yourself, today we are going to focus on how our status is able to help you. At MyCloudIT, we are recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner. There are some benefits for the partners themselves, but the true benefit comes from what we can provide for you.

Our partner status means we have a close working relationship with Microsoft, which allows us to stay up to date on innovations and provide solutions to you once they are ready for prime time. Another benefit for you is that our team can act as your Azure experts and stay informed on changes with Azure. Azure is constantly evolving, so staying up to date with the changes can be time consuming. As a result, you can focus on delivering your solution to your customer while we help make it happen via Azure and MyCloudIT.

While we aren’t going to get into specifics, just know that time and effort are put in to become eligible and meet the requirements of Microsoft to become a Microsoft Gold Partner. We also have to renew our status every year with Microsoft, which ensures we continue to provide the best service. We are always looking for ways to help our customers grow their businesses.

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