3 Best Practices to Manage Your Cloud Budget


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When thinking about moving to the cloud, you also have to consider your cloud/IT budget. While you’ll be moving from CapEx to OpEx, there is still room to overspend. By using these best practices, you’ll be able to better manage your budget and find ways to save even more money.

These 3 best practices involve using the MyCloudIT platform to deliver remote desktops and remote applications. If you want to create a proof of concept or test it out, you can get started today. If not, these are some great best practices to keep in mind as you manage your cloud budget. 

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Best Practices to Manage Your Cloud Budget

  1. Predict Monthly Costs with Your Deployment Details
    MyCloudIT will help you estimate your monthly costs based on the deployment details (such as locations, number of users, storage per user) using the Cost Estimator tool. This makes it easier to see what configuration changes would do to your spend and if it would fit within your budget or not.

  2. Manage Azure Consumption Within a 30-Day Period
    You don’t have to leave the MyCloudIT dashboard to figure out how much Azure consumption you used the last 30 days. Our Azure Consumption Management tab allows you to keep track of all your subscriptions and consumption in an easy click. This reduces the amount of Azure knowledge you need to know to be able to manage your deployments.

  3. Maximize Savings with Auto-Scheduler for Virtual Machines
    With MyCloudIT, you can directly control the schedule of the deployment based on end-users' working hours. Turn off the virtual machines between 9pm and 7am every day can save you 40% Azure usage. And yes, you'll instantly see how much you can save right after setting up your scheduler. The scheduler has not only saved our customers, but as a company, we’ve also benefited from knowing that even if a deployment is left running, it will turn off at a specific time.

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