4 Business Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

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More companies are continuing to move all or some of their business to the cloud. While it can help a company save money, it can also give them a competitive advantage that may have not been possible before the cloud. As a result, moving to the cloud can transform your business inside and out. Let’s discuss 4 business benefits of moving to the cloud!

  1. Business Continuity
    Most businesses have to deal with critical data and critical applications. In the event of downtime, keeping the business running at an acceptable level and minimal data loss is key to avoiding major issues. Whether it is a natural disaster or a cyber-attack, minimizing downtime is essential.

    With the cloud, businesses can create a disaster recovery (DR) plan that can reduce recovery time. They can also create a remote continuity solution that would increase the chances of not losing services. There are many more options available when it comes to the cloud and building a business continuity plan.

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  1. Scalability and Flexibility
    Scalability and flexibility can be major factors for whether your business is successful or not. Like many examples in history, if a company can’t scale or isn’t flexible, it can end up meaning the company won’t survive. It can sometimes be hard to know in the moment when you need to scale or be flexible, but if your business isn’t able to eventually make the changes, it can have unfortunate results.

    The cloud can end up being a major variable when it comes to scalability and flexibility, especially in smaller businesses where scaling can be difficult without a major investment. Being able to scale your business quickly and without having to invest in major infrastructure changes, means a small business can rapidly become a medium-sized business. In addition to that, flexibility allows your business to be more agile and pivot quickly if the market changes or there is a major technology change. Another upside to the cloud is that a lot of times these changes are handled by a hosting provider, application, or public cloud provider. So, in reality, a lot of the burden is actually removed from the business when it comes to figuring out how to scale. With the cloud, it is a fairly easy process.

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  1. Customer Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is huge in every business. Without it, you wouldn’t have a business. Customer satisfaction can go a long way in a competitive market because it can be easy for customers to switch back and forth.

    With the cloud, customer satisfaction seems to have taken a much bigger role than in the past. Many times, the cloud provides a way for businesses to not only share their product, but to make it more efficient and make their customer’s lives easier.

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  1. Happier Employees
    Last, but not least, is happier employees. Happier employees produce increased results across the board. By fostering an environment for happier employees, you typically see happier customers, which results in business growth. There are other factors that can play into this, but generally speaking, happier employees tend to not only be more productive, but they also stick around longer, which means you have an increased retention rate and the benefits that come with employees who stay at the company.

    With the cloud, you are able to provide remote access to employees, which gives them more flexibility and can be a major contributing factor to an employee’s happiness. It can also provide increased levels of security, which can benefit the business in several ways. In addition to providing them more flexibility, the cloud also gives the business an opportunity to offer more tools that can increase collaboration and efficiency, which ultimately can make your employees more productive. While your product might provide a competitive advantage for your business, your employees can also create a competitive advantage, giving you the ultimate competitive edge over your competitors.

    In what ways can you increase employee happiness?

Hopefully these 4 benefits help you see how the cloud can help your business. If you still are researching whether it makes sense to move to the cloud or not, you can download our checklist below or check out some of our other blogs.

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