5 Benefits of Using BYOD


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There is no doubt, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has changed how we use technology at work. From saving companies money to employee satisfaction, BYOD is here to stay. But, while BYOD policies are not right for every company, it can be a positive change for many companies. Below we discuss 5 benefits of using BYOD.    

#1 Save Money on Hardware
You would experience immediate cost savings because you no longer have to purchase or replace cell phones or laptops. The repeat expense is also eliminated enabling you to experience a fairly large per employee cost savings.

#2 Save Money on Support and Training
You no longer have to bear the cost of maintaining and repairing cell phones and laptops. Additionally, you no longer have to spend time training employees on the technology since they will already be familiar with it.

#3 Improved Employee Retention
BYOD makes telecommuting and flex time options easier and possible for more companies, which results in happier employees and less turnover. What this means, is human resources will have to spend less time and money on new employees.

#4 Fewer Company Upgrades
You no longer have to worry about upgrading employee’s cell phones and laptops/computers. This not only saves you money, but it also saves time and energy for the IT team.

#5 Can Utilize BYOD + Cloud
Combining BYOD and Cloud Computing can be the missing piece that companies are looking for if they tried BYOD, but it didn’t quite work. The cloud gives companies the chance to use BYOD, but only pay for what they use. Below are a few additional benefits. 

  • Increased Security - You can provide Mobile Device Management tools to help secure the devices and when needed, remotely wipe them.
  • Improved Visibility for Employers – While it seems like it would increase the temptation to waste time at work, you can minimize the behaviors by having security systems in place that use URL and website filtering to keep track of websites during work time only.
  • Increased Efficiency – Despite concerns, employees are happier, which typically results in more productive employees. Similar to the security benefit, if the device is lost or stolen, the company can wipe the data remotely and the employee can start working on another device without any disruptions.

So, what does BYOD look like for a company? Read about the Top 10 Companies Supporting Bring-Your-Own-Device Culture. You can also check out our previous blog post on how MyCloudIT uses BYOD

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