Access All Your Applications from a Browser

Brian Garoutte

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Your customers now can access any application from a browser with Microsoft’s RD Web Client built on HTML5.

Access to work resources through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) has always required a software client – built into Windows operating systems and downloadable for others, including MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. The client needs to be downloaded and installed, and then run every time a user wants to access their work resources.

This process is now easier and more streamlined with Microsoft’s RD Web Client, but with no clients to download and start up. Users can access any remote application, anywhere, on any device with a browser and their login credentials. Users can access any published application and launch one or more applications within the same browser tab. This enables the mobility and flexibility the modern workspace has come to expect.

  • Turn any application into a true software-as-a-service delivery model
  • Enable access to any application on any device in a browser
  • Grant freedom of access to work resources and unlock productivity

This can happen today! Microsoft’s RD Web Client is in public preview, a public beta, with anticipated general availability in late Q1 or Q2 of this year. Most popular browsers are officially supported by Microsoft. Set up and configuration can take less than an hour.

MyCloudIT has already set up deployments with access to work resources through the RD Web client and can help you do the same. We can provide a new, far more streamlined option for users to access their applications from a browser with Microsoft’s RD Web client.

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