Automatic Scheduler and Azure Savings Made Easier


This month, we have been working hard to bring the slider back to our Automatic Scheduler feature. This will help make it faster and easier to create scheduled tasks. You are now able to create different schedules for specific virtual machines, maximizing Azure cost savings by matching the infrastructure consumption with actual desktop and application usage.

You can see the total Azure savings in real time!

With this new update, you can see the significant impact the schedules will have on your runtime costs.


Like this!!!

In the example above, we only run the resources 9 hours on weekdays (9 AM to 6 PM), and are able to save more than 50% of 24/7 Azure consumption.

You can create a schedule for one or many VMs

One size does not fit all, and one universal schedule certainly does not fit everyone’s needs.

Now you can create a schedule for each of your VMs. If you assign certain VMs to each department, you now have the ability to deliver the resources each department needs, only when they need them. For example: you can run the Support Team VMs every day for 24/7 support, but schedule the Accounting teams VMs only on weekdays, from 9 AM to 6 PM.



You can create more than 1 schedule in a single slider

We brought back the slider so you can instantly add and remove up to three scheduled intervals per schedule. One click to add a schedule and a double-click to remove it. Drag the slider to adjust the length of the interval. The new slider is so easy to use that it wins a WOW from our critical scrum master.



You can also use the Regular schedule for more customization

If you need to create a single event, such as a single Stop, Start, or even a Restart to clean up the system occasionally, you can still use the Regular schedule. The Regular schedule is also recommended for more custom schedules outside of the regular Monday-Friday routine.

And of course, the regular schedule will also allow you to select specific VMs as well.


Read more to learn how to use our new Automatic Scheduler.

If you have any questions about the new Scheduler, email our support team at

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