Best Practices for MyCloudIT Portal Errors

Rob Waggoner

Do you ever see errors in the MyCloudIT portal like this?

MyCloudIT Portal Error

Errors like this are pretty common when your deployment is off. The MyCloudIT portal queries your deployment to give you up to date information about your deployment and the Virtual Machines within it. If your deployment is not running, this information is not available.

Once you start your MyCloudIT deployment, give it 5-10 minutes for Azure to deploy and start your VMs, then re-open your deployment within the MyCloudIT portal "Deployments" page. You will then start seeing the details about your deployment start to populate as our portal receives the details from your deployment.

Once your deployment has been running for about 10 minutes, if you still continue to receive errors within the MyCloudIT portal, sometimes you must close the MyCloudIT management portal tab and open a new tab in your browser so the management portal can re-load the deployment details again.

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