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Bringing 19 Years of Microsoft Experience Onboard

By MyCloudIT


We are thrilled to welcome Rob Waggoner as the newest member of the MyCloudIT family! Rob joined our staff as a Sr. Cloud Architect, and will be assisting in several areas that are all aimed to help MyCloudIT customers deploy and implement the best RDS solutions via the MyCloudIT platform.

So let’s introduce him…

19 Years of Enterprise and Partner Focused Training and Support … And Counting

Before joining MyCloudIT, Rob was most recently a dedicated Technology Strategist, supporting the SMB Team, at Microsoft. Rob held several roles over his 19-year tenure at Microsoft, and has always expressed a genuine passion for helping ensure customers get the most out of Microsoft technology solutions.

In 2015, Rob and his Microsoft TS2 Team turned their focus to showing Microsoft Partners how to deliver solutions through the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Rob quickly realized the unlimited monthly recurring revenue opportunities it created for Partners, yet there were a stack of technical requirements that most Partners struggled to overcome. To address these technical pain points, Rob started the Azure in 5 Minutes blog series with his team to deliver key technical Azure training to Microsoft Partners and IT professionals around the globe.

Rob in the Azure in 5 Minutes series.

Rob came to know MyCloudIT a couple years ago, and quickly realized how simple and easy it was for Partners to deliver workloads in Azure by using the MyCloudIT platform. “MyCloudIT is the easiest and most simplified solution to deploy remote desktops and remote applications workloads in Azure,” Rob said to James Riley, our CEO, in their first meeting over Skype. MyCloudIT has enjoyed the good fortune of working closely with the Microsoft US SMB Team for several years, and when our CEO James Riley saw the opportunity to bring on an expert like Rob he did not hesitate.

"Rob provides a level of experience, and knowledge around the Microsoft Azure platform that is invaluable to our team and product. We feel Rob adds a level of IT experience that will allow us to communicate to our customers in a whole new way, and will ensure our customers are getting the most out of the MyCloudIT and Azure platforms. We are honored to have Rob on board, and excited he chose to take his career to the next level with us." James Riley, CEO of MyCloudIT said.

Rob leaving Microsoft does not end his long-lasting relationship with partners. In fact, the fresh start at MyCloudIT opens many opportunities for him to interact with partners and customers more directly and provide them a real, simplified solution in Azure that can shorten their transition to the cloud.

Closer to Partners, Quicker to Success

In his new role at MyCloudIT, Rob will continue to equip partners with Azure knowledge and prepare them for their transition to the cloud. Rob will be the main contact for current customers to discuss any Azure inquiries and explore new RDS opportunities in the cloud. Rob’s outstanding knowledge of Microsoft and Azure will assist you, just as he has done for many partners in the past, including some of Microsoft’s largest global customers and most influential small business partners.

“The thing I appreciated most about Rob was that he really took the time to understand our technical environment and needs, and then leveraged this understanding to proactively assist us in providing the best possible technology solutions for our customers. Anyone having the opportunity to work with Rob will find him to be an outstanding partner and service provider,” said Jerry Manthei, IT Manager, Partner Information Exchange at HAVI.

Rob will also oversee new customer onboarding, from creating a POC deployment to selecting best practices to deliver remote desktops and remote applications in the cloud

#MCITMondays: Discover RDS in Azure with MyCloudIT

Among other ideas that Rob is ready to execute, we cannot wait to share with you #MCITMondays, our technical series about RDS in Azure via the MyCloudIT platform. The series will walk you through the process of deploying and delivering remote desktops and remote applications in Azure, and how MyCloudIT can simplify RDS within a few clicks.
"A lot of our partners mentioned they’ve learned more about Azure via the MyCloudIT platform than they did sitting in Azure training,” James said. So Rob will be working hard to bring these learning opportunities to more IT professionals, whether they are MyCloudIT customers or simply curious about RDS in Azure IaaS.

“#MCITMonday will change the way you look at the Azure cloud!” Rob said.

The series will spend some time on data centers, virtual machines, and session hosts, but will mostly explain advanced features that could drive business productivity, revenue, and efficiency for partners and their customers. Partners will see the benefits of having the ability to create a Monthly Recurring Revenue cloud-based practice.

#MCITMondays will start on Monday, February 6th, 2017. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to explore our RDS in Azure solution, just 5 minutes every Monday morning.


 To speak with Rob about your next RDS opportunity, email us at or call 972-218-0715.

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