New Feature: Image Management in the MyCloudIT Portal

Rob Waggoner

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We are happy to share that we just added a new functionality to the MyCloudIT Management Portal that gives you the ability to clone an existing session host, then turn that cloned image into a new Golden Image that can be deployed within your new or existing deployments.

We have detailed instructions to help walk you through the steps for Image Management.

In the past it has been too difficult to update multiple session hosts with new software, updates, and Windows Updates. We have created automation that makes the process of updating your collection with updated session hosts much easier. It is built around the idea of cloning an existing session host in your deployment. Odds are that the existing session host is probably easier to update than building a new Golden Image from scratch.

Once the session host has been cloned, it is placed in an isolated virtual network and you are given the ability to update software and patches. One the VM is updated, you can then sysprep the VM to get it ready for the re-deployment process. There are still additional steps that need to be taken, but you will no longer need to utilize Azure Storage Explorer to move your images into your deployment, unless you want to move images from one deployment to another. Moving images between deployments will still require Azure Storage Explorer, but for your image management needs we have drastically reduced the manual effort to make it happen.

Please remember to NEVER remove all session hosts from an RDS collection. That will break RDS. You must add the new session hosts first, then remove the old session hosts from the collection.

For the details on the new capability, please review our updated documentation on Image Management.

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