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MyCloudIT Introduces Office 365 Integration

By Thao Duong

Good news for MyCloudIT customers!

Previously, it used to take you a long time to add users to your RDS deployment one by one using our Users/Groups collection. If a company has more than 100 users, this process will be repetitive and not scalable. Now with our Office 365 Integration, you just need one click to update all the users in your Office 365 Active Directory to the deployment.



There are two options for the Office 365 Integration - Copy and Sync.


Copy Users

Copy User allows you to copy users from an existing directory into this deployment's directory. It does not provide synchronization capability.

This choice gives you the ability to copy users from multiple different accounts. It also allows you to copy users from an account that may have already been fully synced with another directory. The directories between this deployment and the copied account won't ever be fully synced, meaning changes made in either directory won't reflect in the other.

In this option, users may be copied as many times as you would like, however, we do not match users or domains against existing users in the deployment directory, meaning if you choose to copy "John Doe" for a second (or third) time, a duplicate user will be created and the original will not be updated.

Sync Users

Sync User allows you to copy users and have the users synced with the original directory. This method is more restrictive since you cannot sync with the deployment if the directory you are attempting to sync has already been synced elsewhere within the Microsoft network.

Sync User ensures that any changes made to the users in the deployment are propagated to the original directory and vice versa. While changes may not be visible immediately, they usually appear within 30 - 45 minutes. Alternatively, you can force a sync to occur at any time you wish by selecting the 'Force Sync' option.

Users are matched using both username and domain name, so you will never have to reselect and copy a user again while the deployment is synced. However, it is important to note that while you may select more users to sync later, you cannot 'desync' any individual or groups of users. The only way to desync an individual user is to desync the deployment as a whole then resync with your desired users. Ideally, in order to avoid this process, you should instead simply delete the user. This will remove the user from the deployment and the synced directory, but reserve the user in a 'recycle bin' within Office 365 so you may restore the user in the future should you wish.

Want to know more? Read Office 365 Integration documentation in our User Guide to learn how password and user requirements are applied in the integration.

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