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Top 5 Features in the New MyCloudIT Platform

By Brian Garoutte

New Year = New Platform

Looking back on 2017, there were many milestones and achievements for us as a company and platform that we are incredibly proud of. The innovation our team poured into MyCloudIT based on your feedback, such as Domain-joined RDS templates, Virtual Machine Auto-scaling, and Azure RemoteApp migration wizard, helped many of our customers deploy faster, more secure, and lower cost environments in Microsoft Azure.

As proud as we are of these accomplishments, we have MUCH BIGGER plans for MyCloudIT in 2018. It all starts next month (February 2018) with the release of the next generation of our platform. This is more than just a set of new features and upgrades. The new platform provides a complete foundation overhaul with enterprise grade security, robust API’s, and many of the feature requests that were not possible in the current version.

Details, documentation, and demos of the new platform will be released over the coming weeks, but for a quick teaser, here are the Top 5 things we are most excited about in the new platform.

5. Enhanced Admin Security - Role Based Access and MFA
When you set up a new account you will be able to create an account and define user roles within that account. That means, if you want to designate a billing contact to only view Billing Details, or if you want a Help Desk Engineer to only have limited access to Users and Groups within a Deployment, you can set user roles specific to the needs and security preferences.

Additionally, you can require all users to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to login to the MyCloudIT platform. This will ensure that only designated users can access the portal and associated deployments.

4. Customized, White Label, Multilingual Dashboard Views
In the current version of MyCloudIT, the dashboard views are static, in English only, and cannot be white-labeled for customer views. We solve these problems and more by allowing for a completely customized experience. Want quick views of Cost Breakdown or Monitoring Data? Drag and drop windows to fit your needs.  Have a language preference? Allow users to select their desired language in User Preferences. Want to build a white-labeled customer dashboard view? Customize the URL and upload your logo to provide a completely unique dashboard experience.

3. Backups and RESTORE with VM Snapshot capability
One of the only actions our existing customers must take in the Azure portal natively is Backups of Virtual Machines (VM Snapshots). In the new MyCloudIT platform, there is no need to access the Azure portal for any backups OR restores.  From a single Backup module, you can configure and manage backup policies AND you can initiate restores of the VM snapshots stored in Azure.

2. Session Host Image Management
One of the most common feature requests we receive is “Can you make it easier for me to update and manage my Session Host Images?” In the new platform we go far beyond simple Golden Image creation and management. You will be able to tag and track versions, initiate one-click batch updates, and apply intelligent rotation of images. Our Image Management features will reduce time and complexity while eliminating potential for user error in creating and managing golden images in your deployments.

1. Advanced Monitoring and Alerts
In our continuous pursuit to provide a platform that delivers the highest performance and lowest cost cloud solutions for your users, we are committed to capture and present data that provides real, actionable insight in your environment. We will make it simple to get a deployment wide health check of all resources including real time alerts to keep you ahead of any potential disruptions for users. And on a more granular level, the platform will monitor individual user sessions, so you can start to track both cost and performance metrics per user.

Happy New Year and cheers to a prosperous and profitable 2018!

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