Use Case: Advanced Cloud Workspace Monitoring


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With the help of RDPSoft, we’ve been able to bring advanced cloud workspace monitoring to our customers. Below is one example of a customer use case where we’ve been able to help our customer achieve their goal.

Background - Our customer is a Software Company based in the US who originally published an application in the 1990’s specific to the Real Estate industry. With 3000+ users and less than 25 internal employees they needed a partner to help migrate customers to the cloud. Currently, they have migrated 400+ customers to Microsoft Azure, all managed via MyCloudIT. We have been working with them for just over 2 years.

Challenge - Our customer not only needed a partner to help migrate their users to the cloud, but also required more insight to cost and performance of cloud infrastructure. To sell users on moving their app experience to the cloud, they needed to guarantee performance enhancements vs running on premises, while also optimizing cloud infrastructure costs to ensure profitability. They looked to MyCloudIT for help.

Solution - MyCloudIT partnered with RDPSoft, an advanced analytics and reporting application for Remote Desktop Services, to provide more robust user security, performance, and cost insights in a single location. Additionally, the customer was able to gain a more intuitive management experience than the native Windows Server/RDS Management console, which allows them to delegate access to additional administrators. RDPSoft even offers the ability to view user access via a geographic map and IP address where each user has logged in from, which makes it easy to quickly view login patterns for irregularities. Overall, the MyCloudIT and RDPSoft solution has exceeded all requirements and expectations to help our customer build a successful and very profitable cloud delivery model for their application.

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