What Automation Can Do For You


Automation continues to become more integrated into our lives, even if we don’t realize it. Automation comes down to technology doing things for you, so you don’t have to. For example, creating an email rule so all emails from John go into the “John” folder. The end result is your inbox stays organized without having to spend time doing it yourself. This can be true for many other areas of our life as well. From thermostats to vacuums, automation is nearly everywhere. It means we can spend more time doing what we want to do.

When it comes to automation, MyCloudIT focuses on not only saving you money, but time. Below are a few examples of what automation can do for you.

1. Ability to Reallocate People to More Complex Tasks
A common misconception is that companies want to move to automation to cut jobs, but instead, it gives you the opportunity to reallocate people (aka resources) to more complex tasks that require people to complete them. This is a great opportunity for a company to encourage their team to bring forward innovative ideas and help keep the company moving forward. Instead of an IT admin spending time creating an RDS deployment, they could use MyCloudIT to automate the process and then be able to spend their time on a project that improves the company and/or customer experience.


2. Save You Money
Through the use of MyCloudIT automation, you are able to use tools such as the auto-scheduler and auto-scaler to scale your deployment as needed and turn session hosts on and off. These types of tools allow you to make the cost savings of the cloud even greater because you aren’t paying for additional cloud spend when you really don’t need to. While moving to the cloud can save you money, you also need to understand your cloud waste. This is where you can really start to show the impact of moving to the cloud.

3. Reduce Human Error and Increase Data Safety
Broadly speaking, by automating processes, you are able to reduce human error. Whenever people have to interact with data, there is always a risk involved and by reducing (possibly even eliminating) it, you are able to ensure your work is more accurate and that there will be a decrease in issues involving data. By automating the deployment of remote desktops, you’re able to not only save time, but ensure the remote desktops are deployed correctly. The other side of that involves customer data, especially sensitive customer data. Since you are able to decrease the number of people who interact with the data, you are able to increase the safety of the data as well. This means you can reduce the risk of human error and increase your ability to protect your data and your customer’s data in a time when it is becoming even more critical.

Keep these examples in mind when you are considering what automation can do for you and how much automation is already involved in our personal lives.

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