3 Benefits of App Delivery in the Cloud

Brian Garoutte

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Have you ever thought about delivering your application in the cloud? There are numerous benefits to both you and your end user. I’ll be discussing my top 3 reasons why you should consider delivering your application in the cloud. Let’s get started!

  1. Increase Your Revenue with Global Access to Your Application

By delivering your application in the cloud, you can now expand your geographic scope to create global access. Your application can be consumed globally, which increases your customer reach. Even if you can provide global access now, how hard is it to provide support for users halfway across the world? By delivering your application in the cloud you can now provide the level of support needed to allow customers anywhere to easily download a file and launch the application. You no longer have to worry about them installing the application properly and run into issues such as time zone, support, or language barriers. As a result, you can support more global users with less resources and grow your business without needing to hire additional employees.

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  1. Grow Your Business with a Subscription-Based Business Model

Changing business models can be a scary thing, but moving to a subscription-based business model called Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) can help increase the value of your business. You are able to become more profitable, more predictable, and more sticky. Using an MRR business model means you’ll create a predictable monthly revenue and be able to generate more revenue per user by bundling hardware costs and software costs versus the customer directly paying for the hardware. Another great benefit is being able to push out updates as needed and know your users have the correct version. This not only makes it easier for you to update your application, but it makes it stickier for users. Knowing they don’t have to pay for upgrades because they are included gives them comfort in knowing they always have the most updated version. This also gives you the opportunity to respond faster to business needs and help provide more value for users.

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  1. Create a Better User Experience for Your End User

While increasing speed to market benefits you, it also benefits the end user since they can be up and running much quicker. New users can be added in minutes with little hassle and there is no setup required. This allows your customers to easily add more new users quickly and not have to worry about a long-term commitment of a set number of licenses.

In addition to global access, you can also provide users with access to your application on any device, anywhere, and at any time. They not only can access your application from any device, but they are able to access a Windows application on a Mac. As the workforce becomes more mobile, flexibility is key. In the near future, we expect to see users being able to access applications from a browser.

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