3 Cost Benefits of an Automated Desktop Hosting Delivery Platform



Imagine being able to dramatically reduce time and Azure costs with one easy-to-use automated platform. MyCloudIT is the easiest and most cost-effective way to deliver desktop hosting services in the Azure Cloud.

Think about the amount of work it takes to set up a network. Your clients must purchase costly servers, licenses, and equipment while you invest in hours of your time dealing with setup and regular maintenance. With MyCloudIT as your go-to automated platform, your client’s network can be up-and-running within a few hours. Plus, it’s maintained and serviced remotely by you, the MSP.

Learn more about cost benefits of the MyCloudIT platform here.

Check out three major cost benefits of an automated desktop hosting delivery platform:



Predictable Costs Every Step of the Way

Based on the deployment details – like the size of virtual machines (VMs), the amount of storage, the number of users, etc. – you can modify the information you put into our Azure Cost Estimator to achieve the right IT budget. You’ll be able to instantly predict what your monthly costs will look like and achieve predictable spending every time.

Don't forget to adjust the resources to optimize the productivity and cost savings using this Cost Estimator tool.

Never Go Over Your Azure Usage

Depending on your Azure usage fluctuation, your monthly total expense will vary. Don’t fret! Our Azure usage monitoring services give you the latest updates on Azure consumption within the last 30-day period – so you can always stay within the limit.

Go to Azure Subscription to manage and monitor all the subscription from a single dashboard and learn when you should adjust your resources to maximize savings.

Auto Scheduler to Save on Azure Usage

Our smart scheduler allows you to save up to 30% or more off your Azure consumption. By giving you the option of automatically turning off virtual machines during non-working hours, the smart scheduler makes it easy for you to go green and save on Azure usage costs. Plus, you can make adjustments to the schedule as needed to maximize savings while ensuring productivity for end-users.

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