4 Reasons Why Your Team Wants to Move to the Cloud


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According to a Forbes article, some of the drivers for organizations wanting to move the cloud are reducing cost, expansion without construction, and only paying for what you use. While these are valid reasons, companies also need to consider the people, IT teams specifically. As a manager, you may or may not know of some of the reasons why your IT team wants to move to the cloud, but it might be worth listening to them.

1. Flexibility
As technology continues to evolve, an organization’s flexibility and scalability are key to keeping up with those changes. The cloud is one resource that can make everything easier. From expanding the workforce to adding resources, the cloud not only makes it easier, but less expensive as well. More times than not, your team has already figured this out and knows moving to a cloud environment will help make their jobs easier and help the company at the same time. One way a company does this is through a BYOD policy. You can read more about the benefits of BYOD.

2. Multiple opportunities
This reason is almost instant. A company goes from massive upfront hardware costs to having the latest technology without any major changes to the physical infrastructure. The company can also access the right tools to help their teams do their jobs. This can also provide an indirect benefit of happier team members because they have the tools they need, which also helps improve the quality of their work and productivity levels. 

3. Strategy
This has become a major reason among many IT teams as they start to re-focus on the strategy of the company and not just the administrative tasks. Instead of spending time on troubleshooting and upgrading technology, they can now focus on projects that matter to the overall company. It can be hard for IT teams to bring value when they are always stuck in the weeds.

4. Growth
Last, but not least is growth. Not only will the cloud help the company grow, but it will also help the team members grow. From learning new technology and skills, to having the opportunity to be more innovative, providing opportunities for them to grow in their role can have an indirect benefit of happier team members. 

The cloud itself has already impacted almost every business and almost every industry. The cloud has become a part of how many companies do business and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. While creating a competitive advantage is key, your company also needs to be agile enough to be able to adjust quickly and as needed. This is why your IT team is telling you that you need to move to the cloud and why you should start listening now.

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