"It's the Easiest Migration Off Azure RemoteApp"


ERISA Partners is an expert retirement plan provider located in Nashville, TN. With 25 years of experience in the industry, the company prides itself in helping businesses and employees across the nation gain better retirement outcomes. ERISA Partners is also our first customer migrating legacy, Line-of-business (LOB) applications out of Azure RemoteApp onto Microsoft Azure’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Let's see how MyCloudIT has helped ERISA Partners satisfy both administrators and end-users with a more flexible and powerful solution in the Azure Cloud.

Finding the Right Hosting Solution for Legacy Applications

ERISA Partners has many employees working remotely from different locations across the country. To minimize latency and increase productivity for remote workers, the company decided to move to the cloud. In early 2016, ERISA migrated their data and legacy applications from on-premises to Azure using Azure RemoteApp.

Employees liked the simplicity and native user experience of Azure RemoteApp. However, remote workers had a hard time connecting to the remote applications without a good VPN solution on the road. The company was also looking to develop its own software application hosted in Azure. To better fit all requirements, ERISA Partners realized that they would need a more powerful, customizable hosting solution that could:

  • Seamlessly migrate and host specific LOB applications
  • Deliver apps to users on any device, anywhere with low latency
  • Easily deploy, manage, and monitor without extensive Azure knowledge
  • Avoid any manual configuration

MyCloudIT: No Azure or RDS Experience Required

After extensively researching possible solutions, ERISA Partners chose the MyCloudIT platform for several reasons; 1) the quick, easy migration process, 2) no extensive Azure experience was required, and 3) the deployment was pre-configured with flexible customization and assistance from the MyCloudIT support team.

“The one-month trial was very helpful with a live demo, and on-going tech consultation from the MyCloudIT support team,” said Chandler Julian, Chief Operating Officer at ERISA Partners. “After the test, I knew MyCloudIT was the right choice for the project.” MyCloudIT offered ERISA Partners a remote desktop hosting solution, including a Windows 10 experience, synced with their O365 users, and existing LOB applications that include: ASC Retirement Plan Software, QuickBooks Enterprise, Outlooks, Dynamics CRM, Go to Meeting, along with Office 365 integration. Lastly, the company deployed an additional domain joined VM to store ASC and QuickBooks data for security and fast connection.

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The End-users Love the Simplicity, Flexibility, and Powerful Customization

The MyCloudIT support team helped successfully migrate data and applications from Azure RemoteApp to the MyCloudIT deployment within three business days. Julian credits MyCloudIT for a smooth and easy migration, as well as quick customization based on their business needs.

“Working with MyCloudIT has been an incredible experience, and we can absolutely rely on them for deployment, migration and customization,’ he said. “The MyCloudIT platform is so easy that I could save tons of time managing and monitoring the deployment to focus on my operation tasks. Our employees also like the remote desktop solution much better, as it draws a clear line between work environment and personal devices.”

“It is the easiest migration we’ve ever done,” Julian said. “Our migration from on-premises to Azure RemoteApp was very complicated, but with MyCloudIT, the process came down to a few days with no manual setup. The MyCloudIT team is very supportive and knowledgeable. They’ve become our default partner for any Microsoft Azure workloads.”

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