#MCITMondays: Automating the Delivery of RDS in Azure

Rob Waggoner

When our company was founded, one of the first decisions made was to outsource payroll to an online service called TriNet. The rationale was simple – TriNet specializes in payroll automation with the expertise to address any exceptions to the routine payroll process. This allowed a bunch of computer nerds to focus on building MyCloudIT, instead of worrying about payroll. Just like in our example DIY is always an option, but expertise and in house resources are often lacking. For such tasks specialized, automated solutions can save time, resources, and offer a better result.

Automation in the Everything-as-a-Service Era

Cloud computing is undoubtedly changing the way Managed Service Providers (MSPs) operate. Automated solutions are enabling MSPs to instantly deliver services to customers instead of slogging through the costly and time-consuming provisioning process. A vast number of IT automation services are already available as a cloud-based subscription, such as infrastructure and disaster recovery services, backups, and even applications (i.e. Office 365).

But there is an even more powerful and all-encompassing cloud solution available via Remote Desktop Services. If you are considering deploying RDS in the Microsoft cloud, it is overwhelming to consider how much time you would need to spend learning Azure and the RDS architecture, how many tests you would have to run before deploying RDS, and even when it’s done, how many times you would have to scale the deployments up and down. So instead of the manual/DIY delivery of Remote Desktops and Application in Azure, find an automated solution. That solution must include flexibility, scale, and customization, not a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all model.

MyCloudIT is the perfect solution for delivering automated RDS in Azure. Our platform provides a simple and cost-effective way to deliver Remote Desktops and Remote Applications in the Microsoft Cloud. It takes less than 10 minutes to define your desired deployment, customized to meet your customer’s needs; then you can focus on upselling other services and solutions to improve customer’s productivity while we do the heavy lifting for you.

MyCloudIT: An Automated Remote Desktop & Remote App Hosting Solution

Different from Azure RemoteApp or Citrix XenApp, the MyCloudIT platform allows you to customize all deployment features to meet your customers’ needs - everything’s within a few clicks. It is also designed with the partner in mind so that you can leverage your existing golden images or multiple Azure subscriptions with ease.

Is it easy for people with no Azure or RDS expertise? Yes – because our default selections are based on RDS best practices, and we’re available via Live Chat or a phone call to answer any questions you might have.

Is it customizable for different business needs? Absolutely! – because along with the default options, you always have the option to choose a more powerful or cost-effective option (i.e. VM type) and then we scale the deployment based on your changes.

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If you have a question or two about the MyCloudIT platform, contact us via or 972-218-0715

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