#MCITMondays: Manage RemoteApp Collections & Smart Scheduler

Rob Waggoner

Hello again! This week, we'll explore our two favorite features of an RDS deployment: RemoteApp Collections and Smart Scheduler. Watch this video to see how you can optimize the cost savings and productivity for your customers with different application collections and automatic schedules.

RemoteApp Collections

Creating a RemoteApp collection allows user groups to access a specific set of applications instead of having access to the full desktop and the rest of the VM resources. Specifically, those users can open only what the administrator publishes in the collection.

RemoteApp Collection is useful for people that work from mobile devices and tablets, opening apps makes the experience easier than having a desktop and having to navigate around it. It also makes deployments cheaper, since users can only access a limited number of applications, each session consumes much less resources than a desktop session, allowing to have more people working in the same server than if they were working on a desktop-based environment.

Smart Schedules

MyCloudIT’s built-in scheduler tool manage usages of virtual machines to maximize the cost savings of the deployment. Automatically turn on and off your virtual machines by schedule to save your Azure consumption during non-working hours.

We'll give you some tips and hints to maximize the cost savings for your RDS deployments



Thanks for watching!

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