4 Customer Benefits of Migrating Your App to the Cloud


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If you are considering moving to the cloud, you may have read our previous blog the 3 Benefits of App Delivery in the Cloud. While Brian touched on some benefits for end users, we are going to take a deeper look at how your customers can benefit as well. Below are 4 benefits your customers will gain from you migrating your app to the cloud.

1. They Reap the Benefits of Having Better Performance
By far one of the best benefits for your customer is having better performance without having to make any major changes on their end. There are a couple examples of this benefit. First, by having your application in the cloud, you can push out updates much easier, so customers always have the latest version. Second, they are getting better performance without spending a lot of extra money on hardware or software.

2. They Can Access the Application from Anywhere
As discussed in the previous blog, you can provide global access. This is a huge benefit for users because they can now access your application from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. In addition, being able to access your application from any device also means whether they have a Windows or Mac OS, they can access your application regardless of the operating system. Users have become accustomed to this because their smart phones have allowed them to access just about anything on their device.

3. No Software Installation Required by the Users
Adding on to the previous benefit, you also no longer would require software installation. They only have to download a file and launch the application. This frees up time and energy spent on support for you and your customer benefits from easily accessing the application. This makes troubleshooting installation a thing of the past. The customer also saves money on hardware costs since they are no longer restricted on what hardware they need.

Click here to read the update - Your customers now can access any application from a browser with Microsoft’s RD Web Client built on HTML5.

4. They Can Add New Users Quickly
While a seemingly small benefit, this means your customer can add new users and have them up and running quicker. With no installation, they can focus on getting new users up to speed quickly and not have to worry about a long process for adding new users.

If the benefits of delivering your application in the cloud still had you on the fence, hopefully seeing how your customers can benefit as well will help you take the next step.

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